Welcome to Tiffany Olson, our new Foundation Administrator

We are excited to welcome Tiffany Olson to the Love Like Lija team. Tiffany has been a longtime friend to our family. Angie taught two of Tiffany’s children in preschool, and for one year Tiffany was Lija’s junior high Sunday school teacher.  One of Tiffany’s great talents is recognizing when people in her large network of friends and colleagues would benefit from connecting, and helping that connection take place. So, this position at LLL is a perfect fit.

In her role as Foundation Administrator, Tiffany will reach out to individuals, groups and organizations all over the world, introducing them to Love Like Lija and finding ways to work together. Since coming on board in August, Tiffany has overseen the submission of a dozen project applications for funding. In November alone, we funded eleven grants totaling over $9000. Projects are being completed in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Central Illinois, Florida and as far away as Kenya. 

We are excited to have Tiffany further the work of the Foundation in a professional, caring way.  Plans are being developed for more project funding, ways for community members to be involved in the foundation and overall improved efficiency and communication.  With your support and Tiffany’s hard work, Lija’s love and compassion will have an ever-increasing, meaningful impact.  I’m pleased to report as well that Tiffany’s compensation is fully covered by a separate anonymous gift, allowing the Foundation to continue giving away 100% of what is donated for our grants.   Welcome, Tiffany!


We have been gifted with an anonymous matching-funds offer to match dollar-for-dollar every donation we bring in from now until the end of 2021.  So, for each dollar that you donate, our benefactor will match it!

This is an amazing opportunity for us to increase the number of projects we can fund in 2021.

Our 2021 goal is to fund 24 projects. We need to raise $24,000 to make that happen and welcome your help. Please click the button below to make a donation. Every dollar raised goes directly to funding projects.