The Giving Gang

This project took LLL to Central Illinois to work with a group of Illinois State University students who refer to themselves as “The Giving Gang.” The team worked in conjunction with Home Sweet Home Ministries (HSHM) whose mission is to “demonstrate Christ’s love through innovative approaches that instill hope, restore lives, and build community.” Thanks to a grant from LLL and additional fundraising by The Giving Gang, we were able to donate 400 pounds worth of goods including food, toiletries, family necessities, and children’s Christmas gifts to the effort. While shopping for the items, the group met a cashier who had lived at HSHM with her children for several months in 2016. She talked about the kindness and compassion she received from HSHM and, as that is our focus at LLL, it was powerful to hear how we had become a part of a legacy of helping those in need.

Thank you, Giving Gang, for partnering with us to continue Lija’s legacy.

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