Students Working to Promote Diversity

We partnered with Creating Champions, a group of seven high school students who are working to promote diversity, inclusion and positivity amongst their peers. They used $1000 in grant money to provide essential items to students in the Moms Who Care (MWC) program at their high school. MWC, founded in 2016, is run out of a room in the school that is stocked with clothes, food, toiletries and school supply items. All of these items are donated by the community and free to the students. MWC co-founder says this, “You don’t have to be on free/reduced lunch to come to the room. You just have to have a need.” 

After visiting the room and assessing the room through the eyes of students, the seven students and their advisors went shopping to purchase needed items. They then helped organize the room and made it more appealing from a teenager’s view. 

Thank you, Creating Champions and Moms Who Care for making your part of the world a more caring and compassionate place.

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