Peace Summit 2022

LLL was a proud partner of the Peace Summit 2022 in Liberia. Thirty youths and young adults came together for the three day event to discuss “The Role of Youth in Peace Building.”
According to event organizers, “Liberia is a country that has been ravaged by fourteen years of civil unrest and crippled by the experience of two deadly pandemics – Ebola and COVID-19. In 2017 Liberia celebrated her first peaceful transition of power from one democratically elected government to the next. Now everything is on the brink of despair and destruction. The government has been characterized by one protest to the next, often resulting in bloodshed.”
The aim of the Summit was to find new ways to mobilize, empower and inspire young people to take action towards maintaining peace before, during and after the upcoming 2023 elections.
We are grateful for the partnership and proud of the work being done by young people in Lija’s memory.

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