Newcomers Welcome

This month we partnered with a school district in the Chicago suburbs. Their grant application reads “Due to an influx of Newcomers from other countries and students moving into our district, the English Learning Team decided to start a new club to welcome, encourage and support Newcomer students (any new student in grades 1-5) at each of the four schools.  All four clubs are working together, planning and carrying out the same mission – to welcome new students and make them feel like they belong in our community.

Fourth and fifth grade student members at each building were given the opportunity to join as student leaders or Buddies. Then, all Newcomer students were invited to join the club! Together these students worked on service projects including “Cans for Candy Food Drive, Artwork for Senior Center, Game Day, Holiday Craft, Friendship Bracelets, and KINDness Rocks.” “The Club provides opportunities for students to show kindness to others and help develop empathy for all people.”

Thank you for partnering with us as you work to make sure all feel welcomed and included.

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