LLL in Kawete Uganda

This project had the reach of LLL extend to Kawete, Uganda. We partnered with St. Louis area high school student, Hudson, who traveled to Uganda last year and learned about the specific needs for this school. He used grant money to purchase Lusoga language bibles and desks for CCLSU, an elementary-middle school. When Hudson visited, they only had a few bibles to share across the entire school and most bibles were in English. And the desks were very worn and had cracks in the wood which made it difficult for the students to practice their writing.

Hudson included the following in his grant application, “The kids at the school are learning English but their families and friends are not. This grant would make sharing the gospel message so much easier! The gift of a bible would be highly prized by these kids. Gifts are not a common thing for them to receive – if at all – and to have a book of their own would be such a treasure.”

Thank you, Hudson, for partnering with us. May God continue to bless the work you do.

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