For the Love of Pete

Grant recipient, Ayesha, is from Pakistan but came to America in 2019-2020 as a foreign exchange student. While living in rural Illinois, Ayesha volunteered at an organization that provides equine therapy for disabled children. One particular horse, Pete, captured Ayesha’s heart. Pete had his own disability, a swayback. But, according to Ayesha, that just seemed to make him more in tune with the children; “it was as if he knew their pain physically and emotionally.” In honor of Pete, Ayesha wrote and illustrated a book called “For the Love of Pete.”
Ayesha used LLL funds to print and ship books to cities across Pakistan. She says, “I believe that Pete’s story can touch lives in Pakistan and create awareness among the society here which has sadly seen disability as a burden, a sickness, and not just a hurdle that can be overcome.”
“There is much room for improvement on this topic in many parts of the world and I would be honored to be a part of the answer.”

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