Corbin’s 8th Birthday Project

We partnered with 8-year-old Corbin who chose to celebrate his birthday by collecting items for the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans. Corbin’s friends and family donated personal care items, cleaning supplies, household goods and gas/grocery cards. Corbin (with help from his mom) applied for a $500 LLL grant and according to his mom, “when I told Corbin he received it, his eyes grew wide and he almost fell off the couch.”


When they went to deliver the items to the shelter, she says “As the kids carried in bag after bag, Corbin gave the manilla envelope with the gift cards to John (who works at the shelter) and he looked at Corbin and said, ” These came at just the right time because we really need them.”


Thank you, Corbin, for sharing your big, beautiful heart with us and for Loving Like Lija!

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