Clean Drinking Water

In June 2021, new wells were dug at three elementary schools in rural Liberia. The wells provided clean drinking water for over 1000 children every school day but there was no safe drinking water at home for most of the students and their non-school-age siblings, parents and elders. Most families in these villages fetched water from dirty creeks and rivers for their home.
Joe applied for a Love Like Lija grant so that he could provide the students with safe drinking water containers to transport the clean water from the school campus to the students’ homes and to others in the village.
According to Joe, “Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the students bring their one, two or five gallons containers to school. After school, the students draw clean water from our school’s well to take home for their family. The children come to the well for water during the weekends as well. The students also helped to provide safe drinking water to new moms and the elderly in the villages.” Thank you, Joe and children, for helping us do good in Lija’s memory.

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