Carnes Family in Guatemala

The Carnes family was awarded a grant so that their summer mission trip to Guatemala could have a larger reach. Mom and Dad have a long history serving in partnership with Living Water Ministry; this year they wanted to introduce their teenage kids to the country. The money was used to purchase large amounts of black beans, rice, flour, oatmeal, oil, and sugar. The thirteen-person mission team separated the food into smaller bags to make up 150 parcels! The parcels were then distributed to widows and single mothers.

In their final report, the Carnes family shared, “We were able to see firsthand when we volunteered to help cook food for the feeding programs how the locals use the flour and oil to make homemade tortillas and how almost every meal has black beans! Each day was packed with activities such as serving in feeding programs, seeing the clinics used for the sponsored children, and visiting churches.

In the grant application, Mom Charity said “The people are precious there and we can’t wait to serve them.” Job well done, Carnes family!

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