Bolin Spirit Club

The Bolin Spirit Club of East Peoria, IL was created to “raise school culture and do acts of service for the school and community.” The Club’s faculty facilitator, Rachel, recently lost a former student to cancer. That student was a patient at St. Jude’s so the 15 students who make up the Spirit Club decided they wanted to help the St. Jude patients for their service project. The students not only received a grant from LLL but they also fundraised to earn an additional $655.
At the final Spirit Club meeting of the year, the students assembled care packages. Included in each of the 24 packages was a coloring/activity book, art supplies, fidgets, puzzle, a journal, a joke book, playing cards, and a warm stocking cap. The students and their families then delivered the packages to the St. Jude Peoria Clinic. They were able to tour the facility and learn how St. Jude helps children.
The next day, the Spirit Club received an email from a family whose son is in the same school district and who is receiving treatments at St. Jude. He received one of the care packages that they had delivered and he was so excited that it came from his peers. Says Rachel, “That is what this project is all about. Helping kids in need to feel just a bit happier and better as they are battling cancer. This is an experience that I know our students will never forget.”

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