Baskets of Hope

We partnered with 16-year-old Hope on a project. Hope shared on her grant application “I have struggled with my health my entire life and being in and out of the hospital is always scary. Baskets of Hope is the project that I started to supply the Child Life Specialists with items for kids battling health issues like me. I have seen the way that the child life team and toys can help ease the anxiety that comes with staying in the hospital. The baskets are filled with things like Barbies, coloring books, markers, matchbox cars, baby toys, room decorations, and fidget toys. My goal with these baskets is to bring a glimmer of hope and joy to others in the darkest and scariest of times.”
Hope and her friends convened at the community room at the local public library to make tie blankets, and she hosted a similar gathering at her home for more friends. With her LLL grant, Hope was able to donate 23 baskets to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.
According to Hope, “I think that the love, hope, and joy not only goes to those who receive the baskets but also to those who assemble them with the knowledge that they are doing something that is positively impacting others going through a tough time.”

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