Share compassion & care around the worldLove Like Lija Care Week

July 1-5

Anyone, anywhere, can participate – there is no cost

Showing kindness is an every day thing here at Love Like Lija. However, we created our Care Week (July 1-5) as a focused, dedicated time each year to help us all be more intentional in doing acts of care and compassion.   

Here’s how to get involved and help us reach that goal.

  • DECIDE on How You Want to Make a Difference

    Large scale or small scale, compassionate acts don’t have to cost a lot of money or time. And anyone can participate – adults, kids, and teens alike can all find simple and easy ways to make a difference. Look for needs in your own neighborhood, or in areas you’re passionate about.

  • DO Acts of Care and Compassion

    Make plans and carry out your kind acts anytime that first week in July. Don’t forget to snap a couple pictures of you working on the project or serving.

  • SHARE the Love

    Let us know what acts of kindness you performed. Share photos and stories with us on our Facebook page so we can celebrate how you “loved like Lija” that week. Not only does doing good feel good, you’ll also be inspiring others and giving them some great ideas on how they can show compassion in their own lives.

Volunteer, Help, Pitch in

How will you make a difference this summer?Here are just a few ideas to help you get started.

Pass out cheese and cracker packets to a person in need with a positive message attached.
(one of Lija’s favorite compassionate acts).

Help someone load groceries into their car, or return their cart to the store.

Visit a nursing home and share something with a resident.
Drop off dog and cat treats or supplies at a local shelter.

Make cookies for co-workers at the office.

Pay for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop.

Leave out snacks or sodas for delivery drivers and mail carriers.

Mow a neighbor’s lawn.